In an industry in desperate need of disruption, we’re changing the game.


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Hire Locally
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Build Futures

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Fortuity is a large-scale social employer that is changing the contact center industry while providing better opportunities in low-income neighborhoods.


We are here.

We’ve built a state-of-the-art contact and business process outsourcing center in the heart of Franklinton, one of the oldest communities in Columbus, Ohio.

For Good.

Our vision is for our contact and business process outsourcing center to become something greater. For us, doing good business means making sure our clients are happy and our employees have bright futures.



Happy Clients

Most outsourced contact and business process outsourcing centers have high turnover and low employee satisfaction, and it shows in the low quality of their service. Fortuity employs an under-utilized inner-city workforce and invests heavily in technology, training, retention and advancement. Our employees have brighter futures, which helps them provide better service for our clients and their customers.

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Happy Employees

Fortuity provides good jobs with flexible hours and benefits
that don’t require higher education or relevant work experience. Our employees have a strong work ethic and the desire to learn new skills so they can advance in their careers and earn more. Fortuity is located in Franklinton right on the Broad Street bus line!

- Good Business -

"Doing good for our people helps
us give better support to our customers."

— Fred Brothers, CEO | Fortuity