Inbound + Outbound Domestic Call Center Outsourcing



We offer inbound or pro-active outbound service by phone including order entry, product support, warranty support, up-sell/cross-sell, client retention, account management, and customer care. Delivering an excellent customer experience starts with happy and skilled customer service representatives, and Fortuity has them. Our agents are true Brand Ambassadors, acting as a transparent extension of your brand.


When your customers expect to interact immediately online, live chat is an effective method to connect when you need it most. Our live chat support provides proactive engagement where and when you want it for your customers to answer questions, close sales and create raving fans.  We have the tools and technology to partner with you or design your own customized customer experience.


What is your customer saying about you and where are they saying it?  If you need help answering these questions, we have the tools to manage your social media listening, evaluation and pro-active support in today's fast-paced and mobile-friendly culture.  We put your fingers on the pulse of your brand across all social media channels. Our specially trained resources can be deployed to monitor, evaluate, and pro-actively resolve problems in any social media channel.


Your customers can use texting and find quick answers or offer pro-active solutions to your customers right when they need it.  Your customers can use text to ask a question, send a photo, or even review a video in a mobile-friendly way that makes problem identification and resolution more efficient.  This seamless support from text to chat or phone can also be provided in a customized way to ensure your customers are surprised and delighted with your proactive experience and attention to their needs.


We offer inbound service from email or web forms that deliver on order entry, product support, warranty support, client retention and customer care. Our customers have found that using email can increase productivity for your brand, and create an extremely efficient channel for self-service and quick resolution to product fulfillment questions in a cost-effective way for your customers.  


We can offer mail or package handling, scanning, and processing in support of product questions, warranty support, account management and executive complaints. Your customer experience extends all the way through to the use of your products and services, and Fortuity has solutions in place to ensure your customers are completely satisfied with their customer experience.