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A Different Model for Reducing Poverty

Fortuity provides good jobs in low-income neighborhoods that don’t require higher education or relevant work experience. 

Our nonprofit partners provide extensive support services that help our employees manage their challenges and mitigate the barriers that keep them moving in-and-out of the workforce and stuck in poverty.

We believe the only way to disrupt the generational cycle of poverty is through sustained employment and steadily increasing skills + wages. 

As a large-scale social employer, Fortuity provides customer service to corporate clients, who receive high quality service, competitive market prices and highly promotable corporate citizenship by choosing to outsource in local high-need neighborhoods.

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Fortuity is a large-scale, high quality, competitively priced outsourcer. Our leadership team has managed thousands of agents for hundreds of corporate clients with high expectations over many decades. 

We invite companies to support Fortuity’s mission of bringing good jobs back into the inner-city, and together creating advancement opportunities for our high-need neighbors. By making principled decisions about where outsourced jobs are placed, our clients get great service, competitive prices and the added benefit of highly visible, very marketable corporate citizenship.

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For more than 130 years, Columbus Early Learning Centers (CELC) has done what it takes to deliver the best early learning experiences and family support so that all children thrive.

CELC is launching a capital campaign to open a 100-child daycare facility on the first floor of Fortuity Calling’s Franklinton call center. Our center will nurture and teach the youngest in Franklinton while their families work toward economic stability. Our current waiting list has 118 families, many with multiple children under the age of 5 needing care.

Click here more information about how you can help bring Columbus Early Learning Centers to Franklinton.

Columbus Works provides hope and encouragement to impoverished area residents who desire to advance to economic self-sufficiency through employment. They offer a transformational approach to eliminating poverty through holistic job readiness training, job placement and ongoing coaching services in collaboration with a network of Employer Partners, including Fortuity Calling. 

Columbus Works will locate their headquarters and 4th Columbus location at Fortuity in the heart of Franklinton, where they will provide job readiness training to community residents. 

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