Happier agents give better service

Live phone service is an art as much as a science. Agents that are more satisfied, longer tenured, better skilled, have the right tools and work in a positive environment have more efficient talk times, better one-call resolutions and significantly higher customer satisfaction ratings.

Best-of-breed technologies

We use the best call center technologies available including Five9, Salesforce, Cisco, Wyse, dual redundant fiber networks and backup generator power. We can seamlessly blend multiple service channels and integrate automated and in-person service to best serve your customers.

Lots and lots of training  

Our mission is to retain and advance employees. We have a 5,000 square foot training center with great tools and really good coffee. Our new hire training is comprehensive and our ongoing skills reinforcement and upskill training are equally strong. 


On-shore agents speaking English as their first language

Consumers are “sick and tired” of offshore agents who don’t speak English as their first language. Sure, they’re taught the “catch phrases,” but offshore agents struggle to understand complex customer problems, can’t ask clarifying questions and lack answers when the conversation goes off-script.

Our total cost is better than those lowest-price, low quality guys

Call center turnover is expensive, and it reduces the quality and consistency of service. Employee satisfaction is equally important, because distracted agents can’t listen as well and won’t try as hard for the customer. Lowest-price call centers are forced to spend less on their employees, and it shows in their quality of service. We provide the right level of service, and our Total Cost compares very favorably against lowest-price, low-quality providers.

A purpose-built, state-of-the-art center

Fortuity has invested millions to build a better call center. Our 70,000 square foot purpose-built center offers employees wide workstations, comfortable chairs, dual monitors and the ability to personalize their space and secure their belongings. Our center has incredible ambient light, high ceilings, bright colors and large break rooms to make a genuinely pleasant work environment. Some call centers don’t think these things matter - but we know they do.

“Fortuity Calling is poised to make a positive difference in Columbus. Their creative approach can be the right fit for your customers in our community and beyond.”
— Gregory S. Lashutka, Former Mayor of Columbus